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The Corporate Mothers’ programme was a great opportunity to build a network among the other women in the firm who were facing similar issues, some of whom I would never have got to know without this programme .The opportunity to hear and discuss how some of the other women had solved issues and problems relating to working and parenting was really helpful. The program helped crystallise for me how I wanted to operate as a working mother.


I’m a working mum (of a 3 year old girl and 7 year old boy) and was involved in the initial pilot that was run for the Corporate Mother’s Program. It is fantastic. For me, it helped me to be confident in the decisions (and compromises) I make as my husband and I try to create the best life we can for our family. Seeing the whole working parent thing as a choice (rather than something that we have to do) is very empowering too, no matter what your situation is.


I feel like I have developed a greater empathy for my wife at home and other working mothers in the firm which will make me a better working dad and supervisor/manager.


For me it was an excellent journey of self-discovery which was practical and I have reprioritised aspects of my life (such as time with kids) in response to the programme.


Meeting other working dads and learning their stories – sharing similarities and experiences was invaluable.


You’re going to have a more productive work force because they’re going to be better at managing their time and their energy levels so they’re going to be more productive and more energised at work. This means they will be happier at home as well.

Manager, AGL

As a management consultant leading engagement teams delivering client service, I enjoy enormously the variety and challenge my work brings. Put simply, I love my job. As a working mother to two small children, I’ve returned from Mat leave twice. For me, each return has been a significant event and has represented a life change personally and professionally. I found myself on returning to work after the birth of my first child asking “can I even make this work?”, and after the second “how can I continue to progress my career and avoid the ‘Mummy track’?.

I attended a How do you do it pilot course for working parents in summer 2013. It would be fair to say, prior to the course I was sceptical as to what it could offer. I will freely admit I was surprised. From a personal perspective, I found the programme transformational. It challenged my thinking. Significantly, it reaffirmed my commitment to my career within the context of my identity as a mother as a positive, rational, and active choice. From my own perspective, I believe the programme provides three important benefits – firstly it provides an opportunity to reflect on your identity as a working mother and the challenges that brings. Secondly it challenges and supports you to consider how you frame, articulate, and protect personal boundaries and choices. Finally, it provides women with an opportunity to build a powerful network which helps extend the benefits beyond the life of the programme. Each of these things has increased my personal confidence and my commitment to the Firm. I believe interventions of this nature can play a powerful role in supporting and retaining talented women.

Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting

I would highly recommend The Corporate Mothers Programme to any working mother, no matter what stage of your career you are at or what age your children are. It is an opportunity to take time out and focus on yourself; to develop a network of like-minded working mothers and to enhance both your work and family life.

Senior Manager, KPMG

I attended the Corporate Mothers Programme in 2008 whilst undergoing the transition from 7 years of part time work, to full time employment. My children were 7 and 4 at the time. I found it invaluable as it enabled me to take time out of a very busy work and family schedule to focus on the bigger picture, to re-affirm my values and to acknowledge that I was a working mother by choice. I was able to meet and network with other like-minded working mothers. The programme enabled me to remove the guilt I was feeling and to honour my choices; to do what was right for me and not what others thought was right for me. I know I would also have greatly benefitted from attending the programmewhenreturning to the workforce after the birth of my first son had I had the opportunity.

Head of Finance, Westpac

It has been useful to get an appreciation of the challenging situation we find ourselves in as working fathers – i.e. constantly being pulled in different directions. The positive take away for me is to find there are tools and techniques you can use to help you manage the challenges rather than just throw your hands up and say it’s all too hard. Having the emphasis on what you can do.

Senior Associate, HSF

Rather than reinforcing notions that it’s all too hard, we were encouraged to think and talk about the choices we were making in a positive and affirming way and I’ve seen that make a difference to me, and to others.



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