Programmes and coaching

Our programmes include; group coaching, individual coaching, short courses, consulting, facilitation and online modules all tailored to meet the objectives and needs of your organisation.

working mother
Working mothers programmes

If you’re a working mother, you probably feel that family and work are competing (and constant) demands.

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working fathers
Working fathers programmes

While mothers might get most of the attention when it comes to the challenge of balancing family and work,.

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Manager of working parents
Managers programmes

If you’re a manager trying to do the best by your team and the parents you work with – we can help.

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Carers programmes

Being a working carer brings a unique set of pressures that often go unrecognised at work.

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One to one coaching

One to one coaching to help accelerate the development of your top talent.

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Virtual group coaching

Online meeting and facilitation technology enables versions of our courses to be run remotely,

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woman smiling at work
Returners programmes

We provide tailored programmes that support people transition into the workplace after an extended absence.

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Care Corporate - Employee Support

Employee support at every life stage from alliance partner Care Corporate

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E-learning Courses

To further increase the range of coaching support we can offer

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