Building Flexible Teams

Supporting teams to make flexible working a success

As more organisations shift to a partial or fully flexible model, it is vital that team dynamics are considered along with the needs of individuals. Many conversations regarding flexible working are held between a manager and individual, yet in our experience, the key to successful flexible working is managing it at the level of a team.  Holding conversations and reaching agreements within a team allows them to implement flexible working in a way that suits the team’s, and ultimately the organisation’s requirements.


Our virtual or face to face group workshops allow a team to:

  • Establish a flexible working goal for the team with agreed team norms and boundaries.
  • Develop successful communication and other skills across the team to support flexible working.
  • Review what is working and making changes to approach where required.

Results for teams:

  • Talk openly within the team about what is working and what needs to change, establishing a common understanding of where we want to get to.
  • Establish boundaries and ways of working within the team.
  • Understand and develop the skills to make flexible working a success for individuals within the team and for the organisation as a whole.
  • Develop further practical tools to support flexible working.
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