Care Corporate – Employee Support

Care Corporate and How Do You Do It have formed an Alliance Partnership to ensure Australian and New Zealand organisations gain full benefit from our complementary range of products and services.

Care Corporate offers organisations the information and resources necessary to support employees at every life stage. Our end-to-end suite of programs works to boost productivity, reduce absenteeism, improve morale, and facilitate higher return to work rates by making it easier for employees to balance their professional and personal responsibilities.

Care Corporate’s tailored and effective workplace solutions include:

Child Care & Emergency Care Program

A comprehensive resource which you can use to source and secure childcare. Premium features such as a Child Care Referral Service which will alert you to when vacancies become available plus back-up and emergency care options.

Retirement Planning & Elder Care Support

End of career planning for older employees including financial information and lifestyle options as well as information for the working carers of elders, comprehensive carer search engine, articles and resources.

Practical Guidance and Support for Parents with Teenagers

Information and resources for the working parents of teenagers, support through exams, drugs, and alcohol, staying connected and managing issues.

Stay in Touch Parental Leave Program

Stay in Touch bridges the gap between home and work for employees on parental leave, making it easier to make the transition from working life to parental leave and back again. Regular updates ensure you stay up-to-date on news at work as well as tips and tricks for new parents.

Care Corporate has been supporting Australian businesses to build diverse, engaged, and productive workplaces since 2003. Our unique care programs deliver reliable, relevant and personalised resources to ensure employees have the information they need to care for their families while staying productive and engaged at work.

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