Carers Programmes

Carers programmes

Being a working carer brings a unique set of pressures that often go unrecognised at work. However, with over 3 million working carers in the UK alone there is a real need to ensure the right support is in place to help carers integrate their careers with managing their responsibilities at home.

Our practical carers workshop, based upon first-hand experiences of the challenges involved, is tailored specifically to the needs of carers within the workplace. Taking place in a group setting to help develop support networks within an organisation, the workshop places emphasis on strategies to help carers focus upon their own well-being and tips to help prioritisation and the management of time, resources and energy.

Workshop outcomes for carers

Participating on this course will enable you to;

• Share experiences and talk openly about the challenges of combining caring and career, identifying helpful strategies you have used to address these challenges.
• Develop additional strategies and options as well as greater confidence to make it work as effectively as possible for your circumstances
• Develop a relevant support network in your organisation, which you can access both during and after the workshop

For more information about how we can help download our carers module Q&A or contact us.