Managing Flexible Teams

Supporting leaders to effectively manage flexible and remote teams

Offering flexibility in duration and location was already becoming a critical element in attracting and retaining diverse talent. However, COVID-19 has meant many managers have had to rapidly adapt to the wholesale adoption of remote working by their team with little or no opportunity to consider the longer-term implications.

Organisations are unlikely to return entirely to old working patterns. This makes it even more critical that leaders are equipped to manage teams to achieve successful outcomes for the business, while recognising the importance of maintaining human connection in a far more virtual world.

Our sessions recognise the complexity this presents, and the vital role managers play in navigating different working patterns within their team. Delivered virtually or in-person and supported with an e-learning module; our sessions for managers of flexible and remote teams are designed to help leaders develop the necessary techniques and strategies to succeed for their themselves, their team and the wider business.

Results for leaders

Our sessions enable leaders to:

  • Talk openly with leaders of other teams and share strategies and best practice from across the organisation to address the challenges of managing a team where face to face contact is limited.
  • Understand the keys to making flexible or remote working an integral way of operating longer term.
  • Manage their own and their teams’ resilience and wellbeing given a lack of connection, potential isolation and virtual fatigue.
  • Support their team in developing clear boundaries around work and home that respect each individual’s situation and deliver against the outputs the business expects.