Returners Programmes

Returners programmes are recognised as a fantastic way for organisations to bring experienced talent into their business. Our returners coaching programme supports this transition, helping individuals who have had an extended period out of the workplace to successfully return to a more formalised work setting.

Our group coaching approach means you are able to access the support you need throughout your returnship, ranging from strategies to effectively navigate your new juggle between work and home though to making decisions about your career post programme.  Businesses offering this support are more likely to retain the returners after the programme has ended.

Our programmes can help you:

  • learn strategies and skills for combining parenting with your new corporate responsibilities, helping you to return to work effectively whilst also managing home in a way that works for you and your family.
  • talk openly about the issues of being a working parent and share strategies to address those issues
  • build confidence and competence in ‘making it all work’ as well as being more tactical in managing your career post the returners programme.

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