Virtual group coaching


To enable dispersed workforces to benefit from our award-winning group coaching, and to allow clients to be more inclusive in the support they offer their working parents, we have developed virtual group coaching programmes using online meeting facilitation platform Zoom.

Providing participants with an experience as close to the face to face environment as possible, our programmes include 2-way and small group communication, virtual breakout areas and group-wide discussion, all facilitated by one of our highly experienced coaches.

Benefits for organisations

Our programmes have been shown to positively impact post maternity retention and shift attitudes towards integrating career and parenting responsibilities amongst working parents. We have designed our virtual classroom programmes to provide participants with as much of this award-winning group coaching experience as possible.

Employers benefit from;

  • Increasing the scope and breadth of their working parent support initiatives for maximum inclusivity and to accommodate dispersed workforces
  • Comprehensive support based upon our years of experience in coaching thousands of parents and their managers with award-winning group coaching programmes
  • Creating self-supporting networks of working parents across their organisation who extend the benefits of the course well beyond the duration of the programme
  • An easy to implement virtual coaching solution that requires no additional technical investment other than a PC and a set of headphones
  • The ability to test group coaching and its impact in a cost-effective way
  • For smaller companies, the opportunity to offer high-quality parent group support programmes
  • For business networking groups, memberships groups, multi-party organisations the ability to provide parental support for their members

Programmes for working parents

The course for working mothers and fathers offer a condensed version of our face to face programme tailored for an online environment and consists of three, 90-minute group coaching sessions focusing on the particular drivers for that group and covering some essentials of our core programmes.

Across our programme, working parents will benefit from;

  • Getting clearer about what success as a working parent looks like for them as an individual
  • Learning strategies for successfully combining career with parental responsibilities
  • Talking openly to help normalise their experience as a working parent and learn from others
  • Building a relevant support network for sharing ideas and exchanging solutions, both on the programme and beyond

Programmes for managers

Critical to helping working parents is the support they receive from their managers, we therefore offer 2 different programmes for managers to suit the needs of a particular organisation;

Face to face group coaching for managers and team leaders. 

  • Our flagship programme for managers helps managers to understand the challenges of being a working parent and develop strategies to support them for the benefit of their whole team.

Online module for managers

  • An interactive e-learning module designed to provide managers with the essentials of how to best manage the working parents in their team.

Contact us for more details on how virtual group coaching or e-learning could help support your programmes for working parents or download our information sheet about virtual coaching.