Working Mothers programmes

Working mothers programmes

If you are a working mother, you probably feel that family work are competing (and constant) demands. You’re likely to be juggling your own expectations and responsibilities about how you should perform in both areas, as well as those of your colleagues and family.

Your feelings are normal. Many women have experienced them before and as a result of that experience, we’ve developed strategies to help you combine these responsibilities – successfully.

Our flexible face to face or virtual programmes recognise that working mothers face similar issues in combining their dual roles, and are structured to reduce their stress and their feeling of not doing well enough in either. As a result, mothers find it easier to balance their roles so that they are more productive, confident and satisfied in both areas.

Our working mothers programmes can help you:

• learn strategies and skills for combining parenting with corporate responsibilities, helping you to be more productive, satisfied and efficient in both areas

• Talk openly about the issues of being a working mother and share strategies to address those issues

• Build confidence and competence in ‘making it all work’ as well as being more tactical in managing your career

• Frame conversations about flexible working or other forms of agile working so that your organisation and manager can support you and see the business benefits.

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