About us

Since 2006, we have helped organisations to support the different life stages of their people and maximise the retention and progression of diverse talent.

Drawing upon our expertise in supporting working parents, carers and their managers, our programmes enable individuals, managers and their organisations to create mutually beneficial models for successful work-life integration

We help businesses

We support businesses achieve wider success by delivering services that help attract, retain and progress their most talented people.

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We help individuals

We help individuals find success at work and home and combine their responsibilities in both areas successfully. The result is a win/win for the organisation and the individual.

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The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. As a firm, our investment is being repaid through stronger engagement and higher productivity.

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Our programmes help the participants to develop the clarity, self-awareness, confidence and competence to integrate their home and work lives. Be they working parents, carers or their managers.

Everyone’s picture of success at home and at work is different. We help your talent to identify what it looks like for them and give them the skills and strategies to realise that vision.

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The results for the organisation (and the individuals they support with our programmes) include:

  • Increased productivity and motivation
  • Increased loyalty, attraction and retention
  • Greater career engagement
  • The financial benefits of a diverse and supported workforce
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