Our consultative approach

To create lasting positive change in your organisation, we design and tailor parental coaching, manager coaching or coaching for carers programmes specific to your needs.

We consult with senior leaders to understand your organisation’s culture and objectives. And importantly, we spend time to identify and integrate with other activities and programmes you have in order to create a cohesive and powerful approach.

Our tailored process comprises 3 key steps:

1. Consultation – Identification
Our first step is to work with you to understand your business priorities and objectives. We determine who will be involved, conduct participant surveys, establish performance metrics and identify the programme’s ongoing goals and how it will fit your organisation best.

Our expert How Do You Do It facilitators run the programme tailored to your organisation’s objectives, activities, time frame and budget.

3. Consultation – Review and consolidation
During and after the programme implementation, we provide insights and practical recommendations to leaders to ensure that the change and support created is valuable and ongoing.

How do you do it?

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Our programmes are designed to ensure a lasting, and positive, impact on the businesses we work with.