Our team

Our team combines a wealth of experienced coaching, facilitation, psychology and HR practitioners each dedicated to helping people successfully navigate home and work responsibilities.

Owners and Executive Directors

Virginia Herlihy

CEO, Director and Founder

Tim Herlihy

Co-owner, Director & COO


Debs Ingham

EMEA Director

Clair Hodgson

EMEA Director

Pamela Barry-Das

Associate EMEA

Roger Coles

Associate EMEA

Suzi Arditti

Associate EMEA

Jane Owen

Associate EMEA

Jane Habib

Business Development Manager

Dino Carella

Associate EMEA

Emma Hamilton

EMEA Office Manager


Kylie Scott

Australian Director

Sarah Pant

Associate Australia

Linda Martin

Associate Sydney, Australia

Maree Lipschitz

Associate Sydney & Brisbane, Australia

Maggie Mulham

Associate Sydney, Australia

Lauren Beattie

Associate Perth, Australia

Lisa Griffth

Operations Manager - Australia

“It was nice to be able to walk away with
strategies I can implement. Working on the ‘how’ was a breath of fresh air!”

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