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Career Mastery Kickstart 2019

Following her successful debut at the Career Mastery Kickstart event last year, talking about projecting confidence as a working parent, our CEO, Virginia Herlihy will this year be talking about the ‘mental load’ and how to successfully navigate this frequently cited area of stress for career families; the organisation of paid and unpaid work and responsibilities between partners and its impact on career success for both of you.

Hosted by May Busch, former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe, the Career Mastery Kickstart programme has helped thousands of people with actionable career enhancing insights. This year’s series includes tips across a range of highly relevant subjects, such as;

  • How to ensure you are listened to
  • How to be an inclusive leader
  • How to find great mentors and sponsors
  • How to communicate more effectively across gender and cultures
  • How to be seen as a strategic thinker
  • How to be mentally strong in the workplace

Career Mastery Kickstart is live now, to book your place register here. Registration is free and all tips will be live for 48 hours, or you can book a VIP pass for permanent access to all the content.

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