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COVID-19 virtual session for working parents


COVID-19 is adding a heightened level of difficulty and pressure for working parents who are often already managing competing and constant demands.  Juggling their own expectations about performance at work and home while managing the requirements of colleagues and family for this unknown period is stressful and exhausting.

In response, we have developed a 1 hour virtual group session to help you get through it. The group dynamic gives you the opportunity to discuss the challenges you are managing with other working parents like you and share and gain solutions/tips to help make it work better.


Our 1-hour sessions give working parents the opportunity to:

  • Talk openly about the issues of being a working parent during COVID-19 with other parents like them from your organisation.
  • Share and gain strategies and solutions about what works in combining work and home to build confidence and competence in both during this extremely challenging time.
  • Build a relevant support network within the organisation to draw on when needed both during and after the session.

For more information about how our working parents programmes can help contact us