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Supporting leaders to manage parents & carers during covid-19

Supporting team members is a vital element of leadership and particularly critical now to enable parents and carers to maximise what they can do at work whilst also being able to look after their current parallel responsibilities at home.

We recognise this is a tough ask for both you and the parents in your team.  In response we have developed a 1-hour group coaching session to support leaders at this time. The group dynamic gives you the opportunity to discuss the challenges you are managing with other people leaders like you and share and gain solutions/tips to help make it work better.


Our 1-hour sessions enable people leaders to:

  • Talk openly about the issues of being a manager of parents during COVID-19 with other managers like you from your organisation.
  • Increase your understanding of the difficulties that parents & carers are facing to facilitate more workable solutions for all parties.
  • Share strategies, tips and best practice from across the organisation and beyond about what works in managing working parents & carers during COVID-19.

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