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Supporting Working Carers

Our programmes for working carers support people who are combining work with caring responsibilities and are designed to address the unique challenges experienced by carers juggling a career with their caring role.

Combining work with caring responsibilities brings a unique set of pressures for working carers that often go unrecognised in organisations. However, with millions of people combining work and caring responsibilities, it is clear there is a real need to ensure support is in place to help carers integrate their careers with managing their responsibilities at home.

Read our short guide for employers thinking about how they can support employees with caring responsibilities within their organisation.

Example programmes:

  • Being a working carer – group coaching programme to build support networks and provide strategies to combine caring and career.
  • Carers workshop – to provide the essentials to support working carers in an organisation.
  • 1:1 coaching – tailored 1:1 support for individuals managing a particular caring situation.