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Coronavirus update – service delivery

We have put a number of measures in place to continue to be able to provide our services during the coronavirus pandemic and taken measures as a company to manage things amongst our own employees and associates.

How we are providing our services:

  • Group coaching programmes – we are currently delivering all our face to face group coaching programmes via virtual channels Zoom/Skype etc. following guidance in each country and with clients. This is a temporary option for our face to face programme and we will revert to face to face delivery when it is safe to do so.
  • Parental/executive 1:1 coaching sessions will continue as normal as most are by phone/Skype/Zoom etc. Where a coaching session has been agreed face to face these will now be delivered virtually to enable the coaching to continue with minimal risk.
  • Programmes/events where there are 25+ participants will be either delivered as a virtual programme/event or postponed to a later date.

How Do You Do It – Protection Measures:

How Do You Do It is a modern virtual business and as such has no physical office. Everyone works flexibly from home or at the client’s premises. Accordingly, our ‘office’ environment is considered “low risk”.

If a How Do You Do It employee or associate believes they may have the virus or have some of the symptoms, a self-isolating process is mandatory. If subsequent test results are positive employees are to follow the required “isolation period of time” currently 14 days and then obtain formal clearance before they can return to work. Further, How Do You Do It employees are currently not to attend business/client events where there are 50+ attendees.

As always, our aim is to continue to provide the best possible service and agree with each client the best strategy to continue the work we are doing to achieve their outcomes and objectives, whilst also following the local guidance in each of the countries that we operate.

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