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Priya Gwynne

Priya is a Learning and Organisational Development specialist with 20 years’ experience working in corporate and consulting roles. She has worked across diverse sectors, including Professional Services, Financial Services, Engineering Consulting, and Scientific Research.

She is a skilled facilitator and coach, with extensive experience designing and delivering customised leadership, talent, culture and wellbeing solutions. She has designed comprehensive capability development frameworks and led teams to deliver enterprise-wide programs.

Priya’s approach is deeply influenced by her knowledge and experience of positive psychology, and she leverages evidence-based tools and frameworks in her work. As a working parent herself, her passion is helping people navigate the pressures of work and life, so that they may thrive and perform at their best.


Priya has a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Employee Relations and Human Resource Management from the University of Melbourne. She also has a coaching accreditation through the NeuroLeadership Group.

  • Brain-based Coaching
  • Strengths Profile
  • Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS)
  • Life Styles Inventory (LSI)
  • Birkman Certified Professional
  • Team Management Profile
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Design Thinking
  • Prosci Change Management

Lisa Griffith

Lisa oversees the behind-the-scenes operations in the Australian business and takes pride in enabling the best client and participant experience possible. She graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Communications. When she isn’t busy helping working parents manage their career and family, she is busy wrangling her 2 young children and practising yoga.

Lauren Beattie

“Empowering working parents to achieve success at work and home is an absolute privilege”

Lauren is an experienced facilitator and coach who is passionate about bringing How Do You Do It to the Perth market.

Her pragmatic and compassionate approach to facilitation is based on her specialized facilitation training in the working parent’s space, as well as her corporate experience in the legal industry.

Lauren has a passion for diversity and strives to provide working parents with tools, strategies and solutions to effectively manage the constant juggle of work and family life.

Lauren has 2 children (including an active toddler!) and is well versed in the challenges faced by working parents.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Bachelor of Business, University of Columbia (USA)
  • Diploma in Law, University of Sydney
  • Graduate Diploma, College of Law, St Leonards



  • Executive Coach and Facilitator, How Do You Do It
  • Practicing Solicitor, various law firms
  • Legal Consultant, Hudson Resources, Hong Kong
  • Mentoring and Coaching, The Smith Family
  • Speaker at various events across the legal and finance industries over a period of 10 years

Maggie Mulham

“Actively managing the natural tensions between my work and family continues to be an enriching and deepening experience. I’m so grateful for it.”

Maggie Mulham aims to help workplaces be healthy, supportive and sustainable.
An experienced HR expert as well as a qualified health practitioner, her unique combination of skills and expertise brings an extra dimension to her coaching and facilitation sessions.

Maggie is passionate about helping people feel better – in health, at home and at work.
She has designed and delivered health, weight & stress management programmes; facilitated team building, leadership and diversity programs for corporate groups throughout Australia and Asia; and has delivered keynote presentations on health and wellness at work.

As mother to Elliot and Allegra and stepmother to adult children, Georgia and Sam, she understands the challenges working parents face and believes that successful management of roles at home and at work can make a real difference to health and happiness.


  • Bachelor of Health Science, UNE, Armidale
  • Diploma Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy, Nature Care College
  • The Leadership Circle 360 Degree Profile Accreditation
  • Process Oriented Psychology Training, ongoing DISC Accreditation, ongoing
  • Conflict Resolution Training, Conflict Resolution Network


  • Director, High Challenge, Corporate Outdoor Team Building
  • Assistant Manager, Hopewood Health Retreat
  • Senior Consultant, Training and Development, Compass Learning,
  • Consultant & Leadership Coach, The Change Company

Maree Lipschitz

“Doing what I love and having enough time for self-care helps me stay balanced.”

Maree Lipschitz is a well-known Australian speaker and coach. She specialises in transitions and helping people to manage important changes in their personal and professional lives.

Her unique and sensitive approach to career coaching is based on her NLP training as well as her own corporate background as an information scientist and industrial chemist.

Helping executives, leaders and corporate employees appreciate how their personal life experiences can become a competitive advantage at work is one of her many passions.

Maree’s powerful insight and understanding of how to manage roles at home and at work are driven by her own experience as the working mother of Emily and Elliot.


  • BSc Hons Chemistry, University of Queensland
  • Graduate Diploma in Information Science, University of Technology, Queensland
  • Practitioner Certification, Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certification, Neglect & Abuse: Facilitating Different Wounds
  • Associate Member, Institute of Group Leaders, NSW
  • Coaching Levels 1 & 2, Institute of Executive Coaching


  • Executive Coach and Facilitator, How Do You Do It
  • Director, Facilitator & Trainer, Feedback Training and Facilitation
  • Founding Member and Senior Facilitator, Pathways Foundation

Sarah Pant

Sarah has coached executives, middle management and emerging leaders within a range of organisations across the legal, higher education, government, not-for-profit, police, emergency service and corporate sectors. She has also led numerous Coaching for Leaders and Conflict Coaching training programs throughout Australia.

As an executive coach and trainer Sarah offers coaching experiences that work with the whole individual and the complexity of the workplace. She has a particular skill in creating space within this for clients to find their own way forward. Her easeful style supports the cultivation of reflective and self-awareness capabilities that translate to sharp navigation tools within complexity, transitions and leadership.

Sarah has particular expertise in supporting her clients to recognise patterns and understand team and system dynamics resulting in clearer communication, engaged collaboration and impact. She also specialises in cultivating the courage and dexterity of her clients to engage positively in the challenges of conflict and to value diversity both within the individual and the workplace as a rich opportunity for development.

Clients come away feeling empowered, supported and inspired to act. Sarah’s coaching and consulting is influenced by a unique blend of ecopsychology, integral theory and systems-thinking for sustainable change. As a mother to two young daughters, Elka and Joni, Sarah knows the challenges of navigating the natural tensions between career and family life. She is passionate about supporting working parents shape their lives in a way that brings balance, fulfillment and health.

Kylie Scott

Kylie is a highly experienced leader and coach with expertise in strategy, leadership, change, inclusion and diversity, wellbeing and communication.

She has designed and led organisational development programs across a range of industries, coaching executives, leaders and employees to achieve successful long-term change. As an inclusion and diversity advocate, Kylie has championed contemporary workplace policy and practice for working parents, coaching and supporting them to balance their work and caring roles in a sustainable and fulfilling way.

Kylie’s signature blend of curiosity, empathy and courage helps others learn more about themselves, broaden their thinking, identify and overcome limiting patterns and navigate complexity. As a working parent of two wonderful children, she is always learning (and unlearning!).


  • ACTP (ongoing), Global Coaching Institute
  • Inside Coaching, Coaches Rising
  • The Neuroscience of Change, Coaches Rising
  • Search Inside Yourself Leadership training, SIY Global
  • CEW Leaders Program, Chief Executive Women
  • BA (Communication Studies)


  • Coach and facilitator, How Do You Do It
  • Head of Culture, Inclusion and Wellbeing (OD), Allens
  • Head of Inclusion and Diversity, Communication Manager, AMP
  • HR Business Partner, AMP Capital
  • Group Internal Communication Manager, BT Financial Group,
    HBOS Australia
  • Communication Manager, HSBC, IBM