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Helping Deloitte UK retain and progress working parents

Helping Deloitte UK retain and progress working parents

In this case study, we look at the impact our programmes have had on helping Deloitte UK  retain and progress working parents. How Do You Do It has partnered with Deloitte UK since 2015 to run all their programmes for working parents and their managers and the impact has been significant.

Programme for working parents and team leaders outline

The comprehensive programme to retain and progress working parents includes pre-leave coaching to prepare for a successful leave and return to work, a during leave session to re-engage with participants and a series of group coaching sessions over several months upon return for leave. Team leaders are also supported and given coaching to ensure they are equipped to manage the working parents in their team.

All programmes were designed as group coaching with participants at different levels of seniority within the organisation,
from different business service lines, which had the following benefits:

  • Created internal networks of people at similar life stages to ensure the network and therefore the benefits of the programme continued once the course was completed.
  • Demonstrated that there are challenges common to all parents and team leaders and provided role models and mentoring opportunities for all course participants.
  • Built and spread best practice and consistency across different business divisions and roles.

Top Line results

  • 10% increase in retention of women after maternity leave
  • 94% of senior women who have completed the course have stayed with Deloitte
  • 100% programme recommendation from over 2000 participants
  • 46% increase in the use of KIT days

Client and participant testimonials

A number of our people have described the Working Parents’ Transitions Programme as ‘life-changing’ and one of the reasons – alongside our focus on agile working – that they have stayed with Deloitte after becoming a parent.” EMMA CODD, MANAGING PARTNER FOR TALENT

“Fantastic to hear how others make it work and to learn not to apologise for being a working mother – career progression does not have to end!”  WORKING MOTHER

Download our case study to read more about how our parent and manager coaching programmes have helped Deloitte achieve these and other significant results as part of their committment to increase the number of female partners and retain and progress the working parents in their organisation.

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