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Helping Working Fathers – the need for a men’s revolution to ‘share the care’.

At How Do You Do It, we believe that we need to help working fathers negotiate parental transition. We assist them to build skills, understanding and social proof that working dads DO want to be more active fathers and that they CAN do it. Our Working Parent Programmes have specialised in mothers and fathers from the start, so this area is not a recent addition for us. We have been working with dads for the whole 10 years we have been in business, even before it was seen as something as important as it is now . The take-up of our established Working Father programmes is increasing rapidly as more and more working fathers want to be active, hands-on parents and support their partners to engage more fully in their own careers.

Here’s some typical feedback from dads about what they’ve gained from our programmes :
‘The programme really puts working fathers in the spotlight, giving recognition to the fact that it’s not always easy and that there are stresses not just for working mothers but for dads as well’.

‘I feel like I have developed a greater empathy for my wife at home and other working mothers in the firm, which will make me a better working dad and supervisor/manager’.

We would love to hear from any parents who want to comment on their shared care arrangements as to what works and what more is needed. Or give us any other ideas that you think would be useful to help working parents manage their caring responsibilities.

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