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IWD 2021 #Choosetochallenge

Why #Choosetochallenge is relevant: IWD2021 I have always believed that whilst legislation is responsible for the big leaps forward in...
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An hour is a long time when you are five

Organisations play a vital role in supporting the parents who work for them. What are a few practical things that can make a difference to parents juggling home learning and work?
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Lockdown tips for working families

TIPS FOR WORKING FAMILIES – A COVID 19 RESPONSE There is no denying that this is a challenging time for...
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International Men’s Day – how working from home is impacting working fathers

This International Men’s day, we wanted to explore if increased remote working was translating into changes in how the dads are feeling about their roles as fathers and employees.
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Reflections on caring responsibilities

How Do You Do It Director, Linda Martin reflects on the realities of the sandwich generation and what she has learnt from her caring responsibilities.
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Taking a strategic approach to flexible working

Virginia Herlihy reflects on the FLEXPO leaders digital summit and how organisations are taking a more strategic approach to flexible work.
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Flexible work and the gender Impact of COVID 19

Interview with CEO Virginia Herlihy discussing the impact of COVID-19 on gender equality ahead of our sponsorship of the Flexpo Business Digital Summit.
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Work and parenting in a pandemic

Virginia Herlihy looks at how employees and employers share responsibility for shifting expectations to match the new reality of the COVID 19 lockdown.
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McKinsey Report – A blueprint for remote working.

This insightful McKinsey report is packed with lessons about successful remote learning from the COVID 19 lockdown in China.
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Will COVID 19 be a pause or a full stop for gender parity?

With increased pressure at home due to COVID 19 how do we ensure we don't undo progress towards gender parity at work and home.
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