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Australian Gender Equality Council

The Australian Gender Equality Council’s (AGEC) vision is simple – to achieve gender equality in Australia. Through high profile national awareness campaigns, advocacy, research and a comprehensive resource library, it aims to drive a cultural shift in Australia so that women and men have the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of the community. AGEC believes that gender equality will be achieved when the different behaviours, aspirations and needs of women and men are equally valued, respected and are manifest in Australian society.

Formed as a response to the slow pace of change towards gender equality in Australia, AGEC brings together leading organisations in a national not-for-profit organisation with a clear manifesto for change that will champion gender equality across education, work, media, sport, health and more.

Like the women and men of the first wave of women’s movements who fought for the right for women to vote, the second wave of women and men who fought for their rights to a job and equal pay, the Australian Gender Equality Council asks you to join in the third wave and help finish the journey to gender equality that started over 100 years ago.

Join in and take action

To find out more about AGEC’s campaigns visit the Australian Gender Equality Council or follow on Twitter and Linkedin

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