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Dr Laura Radcliffe

The struggle to balance work and non-work roles

The struggle to juggle work and non-work roles is common to many couples. In this excellent and entertaining podcast, Dr. Laura Radcliffe, lecturer in organisational behaviour at the University of Liverpool tells the story of Adam and Claire and how the imbalance in mental load and division of work and non-work roles along gender lines happens from the moment a couple is first expecting a child.

Many modern couples begin their lives together expecting to share work and non-work roles equitably. But soon after children enter the picture, a mix of unequal workplace policies and differing cultural expectations for each partner challenges that egalitarian impulse. Eventually, many couples find the division between work and non-work roles becomes increasingly unbalanced as their family grows. 

Exploring how expectations of gender roles and the practicalities of how parental leave is paid and structured impact behaviours, this engaging story, based upon Dr. Radcliffe’s research mirrors the experiences we hear about from parents on many of our coaching programmes.

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