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From Babies With Love

The Parental Leave Gift Service with Purpose

We are always excited to find unique brands that impact the world of working parents.  From Babies with Love is exactly that, a wonderful social enterprise bringing a simple and impactful solution to engagement challenges.

Connecting with colleagues on parental leave is a challenge, but feeling valued and engaged is critical to retention, and in turn gender balance. From Babies with Love offer a range of beautiful organic baby clothing and gifts and donate 100% of their profit to vulnerable children; their beautiful gift sets create poignant engagement, supporting retention of diverse talent in your company.

Partnering with From Babies with Love turns your parental leave gifting into a strategic part of your Gender Strategy and demonstrates your corporate values in a truly meaningful way.

Watch this 3-minute film in which HR Leaders at some of From Babies with Love’s clients, Deloitte, Linklaters and Virgin Money, explain the benefits of their service for their people strategies:

Transforming your parental gifting


  • Replacing talent is more expensive than retaining it. A report by Oxford Economics reveals the loss of an employee earning £25,000 a year or more carries an average financial impact of £30,614. We imagine for many teams the cost is even higher.
  • Connecting with your colleagues across their Parental Leave journey is crucial to retaining them. In turn, retention positively impacts gender balance.


  • A consistent Parental Leave gift programme for all working parents says ‘our organisation cares about you’, and about all our working parents, regardless of seniority, location or specialism.
  • Ad hoc gifting dilutes impact; a consistent process demonstrates commitment, belief in strategy, as well as values that are tangibly lived.


  • A Partnership with From Babies with Love links your People and Gender strategies with Corporate Responsibility in a new and impactful way.
  • Their gifts speak to the powerful emotion’s parents feel for the welfare of children. They are beautiful and practical, enjoyed over many months, repeatedly reinforcing your organisations appreciation for your colleague, and tangibly communicating people and community values.
  • Six months after the gift has been sent From Babies with Love send a Social Impact Letter for each gift recipient, briefly sharing the story of children that together we are helping, furthering employee engagement. From Babies with Love send your team an annual Social Impact Report, sharing photos and stories, which is useful for internal and external engagement for all your stakeholders.

From Babies with Love is a Social Enterprise, a purpose-led brand.

Their vision is that every child grows up in a loving family. So far, From Babies with Love have donated more than £100,000, helping over 6000 children around the world.

From Babies with Love think of the children as their shareholders, they drive their passion and their decisions. Instead of From Babies with Love profit going as a dividend to a traditional shareholder, it goes to the children via their parent charity, the From Babies with Love Foundation.

How it works

Take 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose a beautiful gift bundle and the wording you’d like From Babies with Love to handwrite in your greeting cards.
  2. From Babies with Love will liaise with your HR operations team to efficiently and simply slot into your existing parental leave process; when a colleague takes parental leave HR operations emails them and From Babies with Love look after the rest!
  3. Enjoy the positive feedback and communication you receive from your working parents. Your consistent gifting approach and communication of your people and corporate values will impact retention and in turn gender balance.

Transform parental leave gifting; connect with your working parents across their parental leave journey.

Make an impact, at a defining moment.

Find out more at www.frombabieswithlove.org or email rachael@frombabieswithlove.org for more information about how to transform your parental leave gifting.

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