Making it work.


We provide coaching support for working parents to manage their competing demands and develop strategies to successfully integrate family and career for the benefit of themselves, their family and their organisation, increasing confidence and competence at work and home.

Attraction, retention and the progression of diverse talent are vital for any organisation. However, the reality of becoming and continuing to be working parents can prove challenging for individuals to navigate as they adapt to the ongoing changes in their lives.

Our range of programmes from group coaching, 1:1 coaching and e-learning modules support working parents through the entire transition from working person to working parent and beyond. Read how we have supported the retention and progression of working parents in some of our client organisations.

Example programmes:

  • Pre-leave group coaching – supporting parents to plan their leave and a successful return.
  • 1:1 transition coaching – helping individuals navigate the change from working person to working parent.
  • Post leave group coaching – For working parents creating powerful support networks and supporting working parents to feel confident in the career and family choices that work for them.
  • Pre-leave e-learning – the essentials for planning a successful leave.
  • Getting back to myself – short course to support working parents thrive after a year of lockdown, homeschooling, and turbulence.