Loyalty, performance and productivity

Results for organisations

Productivity improvements,  talent retention and better financial performance are just some of the business benefits delivered by our programmes.

Better financial performance

“Companies with a higher representation of women in senior management positions financially outperform companies with proportionally fewer women at the top.” Research company Catalyst came to this conclusion after examining the results of companies consistently in the Fortune 500.

Additionally, data from the McKinsey Why Diversity Matters’ report  found:

“In the United Kingdom, greater gender diversity on the senior-executive team corresponded to the highest performance uplift in our dataset: for every 10 percent increase in gender diversity, EBIT rose by 3.5 percent.”

It’s a strong reason for companies to retain and advance a diverse workforce. And demonstrating support for the dual roles of working parents is a key part of enabling that to happen.

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Productivity and motivation

Another positive impact on the bottom line is the result of motivation, productivity and performance. Our support programmes foster engagement and motivation in two ways:

  1. By developing strategies to help individuals balance responsibilities and focus on what’s important at work and at home
  2. By implementing the support programme, the business demonstrates its commitment to them, creating a commitment in return

Talent turnover reduced, talent attraction increased

Working parents, carer, flexible work and manager programmes demonstrate real support for everyone in your organisation and as a result increase the commitment of your current talent and gain attention from potential new talent.

Surveys after the completion of our programmes show participants feel more positive and committed towards their employers as a result of the support.

Improved culture and communications

Our group coaching programmes are designed specifically to enable individuals at similar life stages to share their experiences as well as their solutions for common issues. This creates a powerful network of support groups such as working parents, carers, those who work flexibly and returners within a business.

This network can provide valuable insights and feedback into organisational improvement. It can also provide ongoing role models and mentorship for other employees. We set up systems to ensure that this valuable network continues beyond the face-to-face time we spend with participants

Giving assistance to motivated female employees who also happen to have significant non-work responsibilities can only improve the productivity, job satisfaction and retention of staff.

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