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Supporting talent retention

“A number of our people have described the Working Parents’ Transitions Programme as ‘life-changing’ and one of the reasons – alongside our focus on agile working – that they have stayed with Deloitte after becoming a parent.”  EMMA CODD, MANAGING PARTNER FOR TALENT

In a competitive market, retaining talent is critical – for company performance, productivity, cost efficiency and employee wellbeing. Our programmes support talent retention by equipping working parents and carers with the strategies and tools to successfully integrate their work and home responsibilities.  Course participants appreciate the investment their employers have made in providing coaching. They feel greater loyalty to their organisation and have a greater sense of how to make a success of life as a working parent or carer.  In addition, our programmes for managers of working carers and parents, ensure leaders are best equipped to support their teams through periods of transition and beyond.  

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“I loved the course. My wife and I have been attending a pre-natal course for the past 8 weeks and I told them that I have been attending this course at my organisation. They were shocked that my organisation provided this for parents. Their support of working parents lands really well in the eyes of the community.”  WORKING FATHER 

Supporting gender equality goals

How Do You Do It have been fantastic partners to support GPT on our diversity journey.”  DAVINA PARTRIDGE, LEARNING AND TALENT DEVELOPMENT MANAGER AT GPT

Creating gender equal organisations is a core part of any business’ ESG goals and a critical pathway in the bid for more diverse organisations.  By supporting the retention and progression of working parents (a critical point in the attrition of women from the workforce), our programmes ensure an organisation’s pipeline of current talent and future leaders has greater gender diversity.  

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Supporting wellbeing

"I feel that I have a much stronger self-awareness around the things that cause me stress and the tensions between work and home life and how I can make better choices. Before doing this course, I had a high level of just coping and now I feel I have a much better approach to my life.” - WORKING MOTHER 

Our programmes provide a confidential space for people to discuss the challenges they are finding in integrating their work and home responsibilities.   Through group coaching we encourage people to share openly, thus helping to normalise their experiences and understand they are not alone.  In 1:1 coaching we work in-depth with individuals to help them find strategies for success.

In both instances, the emphasis is upon helping people to find what success looks like for their particular family situation and how to translate that to their working and home lives in a sustainable way.

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If you’d like to discuss how we could support the working parents, carers or leaders in your organisation with our programmes please do get in touch or take a look at the full range of support we offer.  

Giving assistance to motivated female employees who also happen to have significant non-work responsibilities can only improve the productivity, job satisfaction and retention of staff.

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