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Returning to work – 5 key elements for talent retention

We are thrilled to partner with From Babies With Love to develop a ‘5 key elements for talent retention‘ guide for employers looking at how to retain working parents after a period of leave. We know from our coaching programmes that how people are integrated back into an organisation has a huge impact on their ability and desire to stay; yet planning for a return is often left to chance or the discretion of a line manager. From the simple, but often overlooked things that make a difference to the more strategic, the guide looks at some of the main areas employers need to consider when thinking about post leave talent retention.

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About From Babies with Love

Connecting with colleagues on parental leave is a challenge, but feeling valued and engaged is critical to retention, and in turn gender balance. From Babies with Love helps solve this challenge; it offers beautiful parental leave gifts and donates 100% of its profit to orphaned and abandoned children. The story of how your gift celebrates your colleague and at the same time helps a less fortunate child creates poignant engagement, supporting the retention of diverse talent in your company.

Transforming what is commonly existing, ad-hoc spend, partnering with From Babies with Love turns your parental leave gifting into a strategic part of your Gender Strategy and tangibly communicates your values in a truly meaningful way.

Make an impact, at a defining moment.

From Babies with Love

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