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Supporting managers of hybrid teams – Investment management case study

Investment management – hybrid working case study.

In this case study, we look at our work with a leading Investment Management organisation that was looking to support its managers as they transitioned the whole organisation to a formal hybrid working model.

“The benefits of HDYDI’s training are clear. They have helped both our managers and the members of their teams understand how best to work together when doing so remotely. We continue to apply what we learned to our new, hybrid model; and are grateful to HDYDI”   Head of HR

In recognition of the key role managers play in ensuring the success of hybrid working for the individual, the team and the wider organisation, the organisation engaged How Do You Do It to run a ‘managing hybrid teams’ coaching programme for all managers. From the outset, the client appreciated that hybrid working brings many new dimensions to a manager’s role and that such a fundamental permanent shift in working patterns may come with challenges. They sought to create a coaching environment that enabled managers to discuss things openly and work through solutions collectively.

The coaching programme consisted of an interactive 2-hour virtual session for groups of up to 15 managers. Hosted by How Do You Do It on Zoom, the sessions came with supplementary handouts of tips and suggestions.  Each group included managers from across the business with a mix of both geographic location and office/home-based to replicate our clients’ real-world working environment.

Most valuable outcomes for managers

    1. Talking to other leaders within the business
    2. Learning new tools and techniques being used in other parts of the business
    3. Learning new tools and techniques being used in other parts of the business

“It was really beneficial to talk with other managers in the business and share experiences. The way the session was delivered set the tone for openness and honesty. The discussions really made me think about my role and what I can do to manage a hybrid working team more effectively and successfully”

Most valuable outcomes for the organisation

    1. Increased understanding of what is and isn’t working and how to collectively improve things
    2. Managers are better equipped to understand (and aware of) the challenges of managing a hybrid team
    3. Sharing of ideas and best practice between managers from across the business

“This is extremely helpful to have this type of session and seek to learn from the experience of others, we should be doing this more regularly”

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