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Let’s talk about putting yourself last

Virginia Herlihy

When I was a parent with young children, I found it incredibly difficult to carve out time to do anything for myself. There were always other things that took priority and needed my time, yet I craved time to do something for me and felt frustrated when I couldn’t seem to make it happen. We hear this a lot with the working parents we coach – no time to prioritise themselves and feelings of guilt if and when they do. They always find they are last on their to-do list if they are on the list at all and, over time, this leads to feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion and resentment.

What is this really about?

Fundamentally when you have a very busy life, it is easier to deprioritise yourself than someone else. After all, you are only making a commitment to yourself and not letting anyone else down. In the other videos in this series, we’ve discussed the impact of guilt and not feeling you are doing a good enough job and these often fuel working parents’ lack of prioritisation for themself. Yet, the impact of neglecting self-care is considerable. In the short video below, I talk through why it is critical that working parents carve out time for themselves and suggest practical tips to help this happen in an ongoing and realistic way.

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Virginia Herlihy, CEO & Founder, How Do You Do It