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Let’s talk about not doing a good enough job

By July 7, 2022 No Comments

Virginia HerlihyFeeling like you aren’t doing a good enough job? All the working parents we coach have some version of this – they either feel they aren’t doing a good enough job at home and are comparing themselves to parents who aren’t working, or they feel they are letting things down at work and are often comparing themselves to people without parenting or other caring responsibilities. Either way, it creates a situation that fuels feelings of failure for many working parents.

What is feeling like you aren’t doing a good enough job really about?

Why do working parents so commonly feel they aren’t doing a good enough job and what can you do to alleviate those feelings? In the short video below, I explore how failing to recognise quite how much your life has changed when you become a working parent drives this negative cycle of striving to do everything you did before you became a parent and more, yet never quite feeling like you are measuring up, and, how you can start to break that cycle.


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Virginia Herlihy, CEO and Founder, How Do You Do It