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Emma Hamilton

EMEA Operations Manager

Emma has a blend of Dutch and Swedish heritage, reflecting a multicultural upbringing that has taken her to various corners of the world. After completing her bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration, and her master’s degree in Human Resource Management at Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands, she pursued a career in Higher Education. With 10+ years of experience in professional services roles within universities, ranging from programme coordinator to global opportunities manager, she brings a proactive, efficient, and organized approach to her current role as the office manager at How Do You Do It.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Emma finds happiness and fulfilment in her family life, as a mother to their wonderful son. Together, they relish moments outdoors, taking leisurely walks and savouring good food paired with a glass of fine wine (that’s just Emma & her husband, not the five-year old ;). Creativity finds its expression through her passion for hand lettering and the joy of baking.