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Maggie Mulham

Associate Sydney, Australia

“Actively managing the natural tensions between my work and family continues to be an enriching and deepening experience. I’m so grateful for it.”

Maggie Mulham aims to help workplaces be healthy, supportive and sustainable.
An experienced HR expert as well as a qualified health practitioner, her unique combination of skills and expertise brings an extra dimension to her coaching and facilitation sessions.

Maggie is passionate about helping people feel better – in health, at home and at work.
She has designed and delivered health, weight & stress management programmes; facilitated team building, leadership and diversity programs for corporate groups throughout Australia and Asia; and has delivered keynote presentations on health and wellness at work.

As mother to Elliot and Allegra and stepmother to adult children, Georgia and Sam, she understands the challenges working parents face and believes that successful management of roles at home and at work can make a real difference to health and happiness.


  • Bachelor of Health Science, UNE, Armidale
  • Diploma Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy, Nature Care College
  • The Leadership Circle 360 Degree Profile Accreditation
  • Process Oriented Psychology Training, ongoing DISC Accreditation, ongoing
  • Conflict Resolution Training, Conflict Resolution Network


  • Director, High Challenge, Corporate Outdoor Team Building
  • Assistant Manager, Hopewood Health Retreat
  • Senior Consultant, Training and Development, Compass Learning,
  • Consultant & Leadership Coach, The Change Company