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Sarah Pant

Associate Melbourne, Australia

Sarah has coached executives, middle management and emerging leaders within a range of organisations across the legal, higher education, government, not-for-profit, police, emergency service and corporate sectors. She has also led numerous Coaching for Leaders and Conflict Coaching training programs throughout Australia.

As an executive coach and trainer Sarah offers coaching experiences that work with the whole individual and the complexity of the workplace. She has a particular skill in creating space within this for clients to find their own way forward. Her easeful style supports the cultivation of reflective and self-awareness capabilities that translate to sharp navigation tools within complexity, transitions and leadership.

Sarah has particular expertise in supporting her clients to recognise patterns and understand team and system dynamics resulting in clearer communication, engaged collaboration and impact. She also specialises in cultivating the courage and dexterity of her clients to engage positively in the challenges of conflict and to value diversity both within the individual and the workplace as a rich opportunity for development.

Clients come away feeling empowered, supported and inspired to act. Sarah’s coaching and consulting is influenced by a unique blend of ecopsychology, integral theory and systems-thinking for sustainable change. As a mother to two young daughters, Elka and Joni, Sarah knows the challenges of navigating the natural tensions between career and family life. She is passionate about supporting working parents shape their lives in a way that brings balance, fulfillment and health.